Fake Radio

Old-Time-Radio... Just Funnier.


After 20 years of live performances, it's nearly impossible to pick our favorites, but we've tried. Have a listen to the voices of Ray Romano, John Larroquette, Mindy Sterling, Fred Willard and Mark McKinney, Kevin McDonald & Dave Foley of "The Kids in the Hall" as they join the cast of Fake Radio on stage. If you like, download your favorites: they're all free to enjoy. Just a reminder to take the advice we always give our live audiences at the top of every show...

Remember to close your eyes and really LISTEN: radio was meant to be heard. So put on a pair of headphones and enjoy these fun tributes to the "Golden Age" of radio. Heck: load them all up on your iPhone and enjoy while commuting to work, on your lunch break or for a mid day boost. Share them with your friends and family. Comedy has always been the very best medicine. 

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