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Julie Millett


Julie Millett was born in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada to American parents, and lived in five cities before landing in her “hometown” of San Diego at age 12. Her stage debut was her third grade class production of “Trouble in Dental City” as Sally Sodapop. (“Here’s your drink, Whitey! A Super Sugary, Sweet Syrup Supreme!”) She is still friends with the classmate who played Whitey Tooth.

Julie attended high school at San Diego’s School of Creative and Performing Arts, where she acted, sang, and danced on cars. Later training includes Royal Academy of Dramatic Art (London) and the Theatre School at DePaul University (Chicago).

Julie has worked in film, tv, and voiceover, and has performed with numerous theatre companies in San Diego, Chicago, and Los Angeles. After meeting David Koff in a bar (it’s a long story, don’t worry about it), she was introduced to Fake Radio, which has been a creative home ever since her first show with the company, “Phantom of the Opera,” in 2005.  She is so grateful for the joy, fun, and deep belly laughs of getting to work with this wonderful family of talented artists.

In addition to the actor life, Julie is Mom to a fine human, Wilder, who is now at University. She loves to travel, loves to cook, and is learning to box.

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